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A platform unlike any other, where business owners and professionals connect to achieve their mutually beneficial goals. A membership organisation that strives for growth, through rewarding business relationships. A space where one can develop their skills, advance knowledge, and secure guidance, to reach even greater heights in their business or professional lives.

A Growing Family of Go-getters!

At GoNetworking, our vision is to create a place where people can conduct business safely and conveniently, while expanding their reach. With several chapters across major cities in India, GoNetworking is constantly improving its outlook to include members from across the value chain, regularly introducing products and services that are instrumental to its members’ growth.

Go, Members!

Memberships at GoNetworking are through first-person referrals. And while we welcome all individuals, the team at GoNetworking ensures that there is no duplication or unfair competition within chapters. A stringent whetting and escalation process, helps maintain the highest standards of ethics and cooperation. All this to create connections that are formal, professional, and fair to all.

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As a member of the group, you would get access to people who might be looking for the product/service that you have to offer or they can connect you with those who might be interested in your product/service. This helps you get more leads, sales and revenue for your business.


Business Listing on www.gonetworking.in
Social media AD Campaigns.
Advertise – ads in event programs and ads on website.
Instant access to Go Networking FB community of 30,000+ members to network and promote your business.

Relationship Building

You can meet in a group or one-on-one with members to learn more about them both personally and professionally who are also on the same wavelength offers support and encouragement.

Develop your business and find new ways of connecting.

Website Traffic

Profile Feature which includes your photo and bio on our website.
FB Live Interviews highlighting who you are to promote your business.
Access to the Members-only group.
Access to post and share Blogs on our website.

Advantages of Referral Business Network

More business opportunities

Getting referral business from an existing network is an efficient and cost effective way to boost business opportunities.

Referrals obtained from networking are valuable so you can easily follow up on Leads/Connections and convert them into clients.

Profile Building

By updating your profile on GoNetworking Entrepreneurs and Business owners will be able to contact you easily with potential referrals. You get the advantage of building your reputation of building a Reliable, Trustworthy and Supportive Member.

Business Connections

To establish a successful business, all you need to have is a source of relevant connection within your network. Referral business networking gives you that source of connections and is a gateway to interact with quality professionals.

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