Business Consulting

You may need help in preparing a business plan for your startup. Or to prepare a business model for your small and medium business, to see how 5x or 10x growth can be achieved over time.

We help companies right from formulating your mission and vision statements, to devising business strategies, business plans and help you execute those by understanding your goals and aspirations and devise strategies that is tailor made for you as we understand that one size does not fit all, and hence the business strategies are drawn in line with your company’s vision and available resources.

Business Consulting

Need guidance on tackling business issues? Or want to get rid of problems at your workplace?. or just would like to better? We help

Organizational Restructuring

The structure of your organization restructured for the better cost optimization.

Process Reengineering

Your business processes reengineered for better capacity utilization, cost optimization and efficiency while reducing costs, waste and complacency.

Competitor Analysis

Need to know better insights on who you are competing against? We help Learn before you Lean

Business & Marketing Plans

Get the best view of your business idea through our well structured Business and Marketing plans.

Project Reports

Looking for investors to fund your business. A well designed project report is all you need to woo your investor prospects.


Standard Operating Procedures define the flow of work within your business. The is only one way everyone does the same thing. The Right way or No way

Corporate Branding

Branding is what gives your company that much needed “wow factor” to edge past its competition.

Finance for Business

Setting up a Financial system to ensure monitoring Profit expected is actually earned and how to generate Reserves for future growth and contingencies.


Corporate disputes can turn messy if things weren’t handled the right way. We help settle them the right way.


Most times getting things done comes down to knowing the right people to move in the right direction for your cause.

Due Diligence

Learn the underlying truths about your dealings before you decide for sure. Prevention is always better than cure.

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