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How to select the right network to do business with?

Here the focus should be on understanding how to connect with the right network. Well, the ‘right’ network in a business referral program helps to identify new business opportunities from business friends in your referral network. Nevertheless, a successful business relationship depends upon your dedication, interest and commitment.

How you build trusting business relationships?

Generally entrepreneurs attend business events and join local groups in order to develop new business contacts. Others approach existing business contacts to ask for recommendations and referrals. However both these strategies come under referral networking, but the latter approach is more beneficial if used appropriately.

Membership Benefits


As a member of the group, you would get access to people who might be looking for the product/service that you have to offer or they can connect you with those who might be interested in your product/service. This helps you get more leads, sales and revenue for your business.


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Relationship Building

You can meet in a group or one-on-one with members to learn more about them both personally and professionally who are also on the same wavelength offers support and encouragement.

Develop your business and find new ways of connecting.

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Advantages of Referral Business Network

More business opportunities

Getting referral business from an existing network is an efficient and cost effective way to boost business opportunities.

Referrals obtained from networking are valuable so you can easily follow up on Leads/Connections and convert them into clients.

About GoNetworking

Profile Building

With referral business networking you get a better chance of getting noticed.

By updating your profile on GO Networking Entrepreneurs and Business owners will be able to contact you easily with potential referrals. You get the advantage of building your reputation of building a Reliable, Trustworthy and Supportive Member.

Business Connections

To establish a successful business, all you need to have is a source of relevant connection within your network. Referral business networking gives you that source of connections and is a gateway to interact with quality professionals.

Who we are …

GO Networking is a Network Organization which is a part of Talent Hunt Co. for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to promote their business, collaborate, build relationships, learn and seek advice to thrive in business.
We Create Business Relationships
Chapter members spend time learning about each other’s business, powering their ability to make better referrals by becoming well versed in each other’s industries, they can make higher-quality referrals. These high level tips turn our chapters into powerful, knowledge and result driven sales forces.

Give, Get, Grow…Repeat
Each week at our meeting you are given a chance to present your commercial and introduce your business to a sales force empowered with the knowledge to get you business and grow your brand.

Why do you need us?
We help you in establishing engagement and collaborative relationships to grow your business. Increasing engagement is essential, but we also help to build reach through suggestions and new concepts, which is what GO Networking thrives in.


Our vision is to enable every member to build a better profile, promote and project their products through the business community at GoNetworking, to enhance their business opportunities, help by promoting access through different platforms and contacts, and work within a system of good practices for self development which will impact in turn to build a better tomorrow (or nation).


Our mission is to aid growth of the business community and professionals through healthy interactions, to offer information and guidance through interface sessions towards development and progress of your enterprise.


We work on the Philosophy “Lets grow together” which means you need to be a positive and supportive member based upon mutual support. This requires commitment to your fellow members as well as the philosophy of giving business to others, you will get business in return.


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    SEO Traffic Spider

    I joined recently but I am extremely happy with this platform. It is so much cheaper than BNI (approx Rs.100,000 per year) and I paid just Rs. 2400 for a whole year. In my first month I got 2 calls and my prospects are close to becoming clients. Thank you Sadikha and Team.

    Farazdak Nasrulla
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