Red Alert

By Nishath Basheer

Do you notice a sudden slackness in the system? The same government which had been so strict until August has thrown all caution to the winds. 

Talking to friends working in hospitals, I hear about a spike in the number of cases, fresh as well as relapse, only because the Government has suddenly turned placid. It is easy to  blame us, the people, but remember how we abided by the rules imposed on us.

The State’s exchequer is empty, true, and it is common knowledge that the main source of income are the Tasmac outlets. To tap that money, do you let the people go to any length?

Well, do so. Life cannot be locked down till a cure is found. But the cure is nowhere in sight. There are many who have come out cured. And there are many dear ones we have lost due to Covid. It has now become a rich man’s disease. The corporate hospitals are doing well, as many patients get admitted. On an average it works out to about 8 to 10 lacs per person – dead or alive (even more if their breath is prolonged). Definitely not affordable for the poor. Even Insurance Companies are tricky in their payments.

I’m saddened to see the turn of events. Today shops are open – people walk in and out – no social distancing – no masks (if there is one, it hangs like a beard on the chin) and these are  shop keepers, families, children and all. It is eerie. This virus is worse than cancer. It comes so fast. It kills. 

Places of worship are crowded.  We all prayed from our homes during the lockdown, and the Almighty answered our prayers. Do we need to risk this now? 

There is no control on the number of people traveling by public transport – no social distancing and no masks. No E PASSES. No QUARANTINE.  Temples, tasmac shops etc. have people weaving in and out with no caution of the present situation.

Schools and most colleges are the only places which are still closed and that is a blessing.

But, living on ECR I see the youngsters back in action heading out of Chennai, dressed for dates – no masks please. And this is also possible because E passes are no more essential. So, there are no quarantine rules. It has been done away with.  

The Government has a responsibility to safeguard the people, for which strict  implementation of certain rules is mandatory. Have we been left to die?  Is this the better way to reduce population?

We did have a public address system which blared messages, scaring motorists, pedestrians, shop keepers etc. on Sundays. Why can’t we continue the 6 pm or 7 pm onwards lockdown schedule. Tasmac can still get you the revenue with this. Bangalore opened up bars and look at the spate of cases coming in. 

 Please, I fear for the people in my State. I fear that we are heading for disaster.. I implore the government to do something.  Bring back the E passes.  Please continue to have a home quarantine for a minimum of 5 to 6 days post travel.

People were quite tuned to the rules of the lockdown as a way of life. You – the government lifted it without ensuring that the precautions are being taken.

 If we all die who will vote for you……..

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