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Member Policies

Go Networking (Talent Hunt Company) is not responsible to bring in Revenues for the Member’s Business.

 Code of Ethics

Upon acceptance to GO Networking I agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics during the tenure of my participation in the organization.

  • I will provide the quality of services at the price that I have quoted.
  • I will be truthful with the members and their referrals.
  • I will build good will and trust among members and their referrals.
  • I will take responsibility for following up on the referrals I receive.
  • I will display a positive and supportive attitude.
  • I will live up to the ethical standards of my profession.

Professional standards outlined in a formal code of conduct for any profession supersede the above standards.

  • Do not post on groups or discuss unverified News.
  • Do not post on groups or discuss Religion or Politics.
  • Do not Harass by talking Inappropriately/Fight/Insult/Cheat.
  • Do not post Festival/Birthday wishes on the group.
  • Do not post Jokes or forwards.
  • Do not post more than 1 AD post a day (1 Business man = 1 AD = 1 Product per day).
  • Members are encouraged to join/follow our advertising platform on the social media sites.
  • Every Member’s Registration is for 1 Business/1 Service only.
  • If a Member has a Second Business/Service the member will pay an addon fee.
  • Only one member from each professional classification is permitted to join a chapter. Membership Power Team have final authority related to classification conflicts.
  • An individual member cannot be in a second Chapter nor in any other group that allows only one member per profession and whose primary purpose is to pass referrals to one another, because it substantially reduces their commitment to the chapter members. Membership Power Team must enforce this policy.
  • Attend all meetings, however, when needed members will be excused for up to two (2) meetings over a six (6) month period. Attendance is tracked at every meeting by the membership power team.
  • If a member cannot attend a meeting they are required to contact the Chapter Leader before the meeting commences and no later than prior to the meeting starting. If the member fails to do this, then the meeting missed would be counted as a non-excused absence.
  • Members are required to bring bona-fide referrals to their chapter. Upon the referral becoming a member the Sponsor will be awarded.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to file a concern with the Membership Power Team if a referral who submits an application in any way conflicts with their classification. This should be done before the referral is approved for membership. If there are no complaints, the Membership Power Team will assume their consent.
  • Members who wish to change their classification must submit a new membership application and get approval from the Membership Power Team for that classification change.
  • In case of problems with a member, Membership Power Team may, at their sole discretion, put a member on probation or terminate depending on the member’s business practices or commitment to the chapter.
  • The Leadership Team are volunteers who have stepped up to help the chapters progress and succeed.
  • If the Leadership Team fulfills all responsibilities throughout their term, they will receive an award.
  • In the absence of a Membership Power Team, the Leadership Team may act as an adhoc Membership Power Team until one is established.
  • Policies are subject to change. All proposed policy changes need to be reviewed by the President and Advisor.


Date: Every Saturday Time: 7 am to 8 am On Zoom

Date: Every 4th Saturday
Venue & Time will be announced

Date: 3rd Saturday of January

Awards & Recognition

Monthly Awards

  • Most Members
  • Giver of the month (Most Referrals Given)
  • Receiver of the month (Most Referrals Received)
  • Maximum 1 to 1 (Member to Member Introduction)
  • Maximum Testimonials/Feedback (Member to Member)
  • Best Performer of the month

Yearly Awards

  • Most Members
  • Giver of the year (Most Referrals Given)
  • Receiver of the year (Most Referrals Received)
  • Maximum 1 to 1 of the year (Member to Member introduction)
  • Maximum Testimonials/Feedback (Member to Member)
  • Best Performer of the year

Power Team


Sadikha Pasha

+91 8754223800


Ameeta Singh

+91 9380025041

Membership & Treasurer


+91 9791017885


Madumitha Selvaraj

+91 9940059190

Chapter Leader 

Roy Thomas

+91 9500168899


Samuel Eddy

+91 9790814844

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